Solar Powered Water Purification For The World


Access to clean water is a human right


Waterborne diseases are the world's leading killer


Eliminating the daily need of searching for clean water will allow those affected the ability to pursue other ventures


SunD's solar powered design creates an energy neutral product that is capable of purifying 250L of water per 10 hours of sunlight. This allows us to solve a problem without creating a new one

Creating Opportunities

Eliminating the task of finding clean drinking water enables the target populations to seek other opportunities such as education and employment

Truly Solar Powered

Sundwater utilizes natural resources to power the unit and purify contaminated water

Ease of Implementation

No added infrastructure is needed in order to have a fully functional SunD unit. Additionally, the initial setup is extremely simple and can be completed by the SunD team. In three years of operation at the Arava Institute there have been zero malfunctions

Curable Diseases

Waterborne diseases are the number one causes of death in the entire world. 350K children under the age of five die from these diseases annually. These diseases can be eliminated with the implementation of a SunD unit


The SunD unit has a heliostatic design which will follow the sun for optimal exposure. Activating a machine is as simple as pressing a few buttons. Owners can operate it remotely. Daily maintenance is a simple two step process that can be accomplished easily

High Volume and Scalability

One sunD unit is capable of purifying 250/L of water per-10 hours of sunlight. Its design allows us to create scalable and customizable solution for the target population. 20 units would generate 5/L of clean water per person in a town of 1000 people

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