Water for the World


The Problem

Lack of access to clean water is an epidemic and will only continue to worsen with global population growth. Biological and chemical contaminants can cause a myriad of diseases, many of which can be fatal. These are all preventable with the installation of the SunD water purification Unit.

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People are affected by water scarcity

2.1 B

People lack access to safely managed drinking water services.

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People globally – already live within 50km of an “impaired” water resource – one that is running dry, or polluted.

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Developing countries will face water shortages by 2050.

The Solution

We offer a cost-effective free-standing water purification unit for villages, communities, and neighborhoods or multi-family dwellings that currently lack other fresh water solutions.

SunDwater developed a highly efficient solar based standalone unit that can convert salty, dirty, or contaminated water into potable water. We can achieve this at a high rate with an extremely scalable model. SunDwater’s solution is environmentally friendly and needs no infrastructure or energy source other than the Sun's purifying radiation.


Who We Are

We are a company who believes access to clean water is a human right and we look forward to working towards making this a reality.


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How much does a SunD unit cost?

The cost of the unit depends on the quantity purchased. The cost of a single unit is approximately $16,000 (USD).

What are the requirements needed to install a SunD unit?

The installation is simple and only requires a 15X15 cement pad.

How long can the SunD can run uninterrupted?

As a result of its design we believe the unit can run for an almost unlimited amount of time

How much maintenance is required for the SunD?

Each unit requires minimal maintenance. Periodically, the heating oven will require cleaning of the residual debris. but this is also a simple process.

What happens if I need assistance with my unit?

SunD water will provide continued technical assistance, as required. Units can be monitored remotely.

Can purified water be stored?

Purified water can be stored in appropriate storage containers on site or at a water farm

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