Company Overview

The SunD water distillation unit has the ability to purify water through a fully energy efficient method without the necessity of additional infrastructure or external energy source. With our patented technology our machine creates potable water regardless of the chemical and biological contaminants. The unit is the first of its kind that can be applied on a large scale while remaining economically feasible and profitable. The unit is a high tech solution with a low tech operating system. This assures ease of operation in all projected service operations in all of the third world. The company offers worldwide shipment, instillation assistance, and operational training. Our solution will change the way the world approaches the water scarcity crisis.

Our Vision

Clean Water for Everyone.

Our Mission

Water for the World.


Our Guiding Principles



Taking care of the world and the environment



Free people to pursue other life activities

Global Accessibility


Clean water for all

User friendly


Anyone can use it anywhere

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